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The moment you coming back home at Sunshine Diamond River is the momemt you can "touch" and "feel" most clearly that you are setting foot on the place where two most valuable lifestyles converge: " Resort Lifestyle” and "Smart Living 4.0".
2019 can be considered an important milestone in Vietnam’s integration process. After the first 6 months, a series of opportunities were opened, creating a “huge” push, expecting to turn Vietnam into a healthy land to attract international investors.
The era of all things connected: Smart house crowned in the era [...]
Direct investment capitals from Korea continuously flowed into Vietnam, leading to a strong increase of the Korean community go there to work and live. This is a solid base to ensure the brilliant development of the high-end apartment market for Korean customers to rent and buy houses in Vietnam.
In Singapore, Sunshine Homes was honored to win the "double" award: "Top 10 Typical Asian Enterprises" and "Top 10 Most Trusted Brands in Asia" at the International Economic Asia 2019 Forum. Sunshine Group affirmed its superior position in the local and international real estate market with Sunshine Homes.
Absolutely being different, Integrated Resort's multi-experienced journeys (5-star complex resort) is not only beautiful resort but also a place for paradise emotion.
According to experts, high-end projects with sophisticated design and smart utilities such as Anh Duong Center will officially become lucrative investments, bringing thousands of dollars each to investors. household.
Summer is the time that every children looking forward to escaping from studying and learning pressure, but this is a difficult problem for parents in order to find useful activities during summer time.

A pioneer
investor in creating new lifestyle in Vietnam

Striving for success, Sunshine Group (SSG) is a diversified group that our main business sectors are focused on: Real Estate Development and Investment, Construction, Commercial, Technology Service, Education. With expanding operations, SSG aims to deliver an extraordinary and distinctive values. And we strongly believe to be a pioneer investor in creating green living urban, smart community with smart administration application and elegant design.

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Has been driven by globalization and technology liberalization so that world-economic changes gradually, Sunshine Group emphasize its vision to become the leading corporation in Vietnam.

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A pioneer in 4.0 technology
application for real estate development

Optimizing operation management with key point of e-citizens


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